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How to Choose Between a Wheelbarrow or Garden Carts

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Wheelbarrows are must-have gardening supplies

How to Choose Between a Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart?

Wheelbarrows are must-have gardening supplies – gardeners use them for a variety of tasks, including moving loads of mulch, hauling bricks, transplanting shrubs and even mixing fertilizer.

In the past, wheelbarrow options were limited. These days, when you head out to the local garden center to shop for gardening supplies, you’ll see a slew of choices. Here, we explain the features you’ll find so that you can have an idea of what to look for in a wheelbarrow.


Wheelbarrow load trays can be made from several materials, including wood, plastic, and stainless steel. Fabric trays are also available, found in foldable models.

Generally speaking, the sturdier the tray material, the more you can haul in a single load. At the same time, sturdiness means more weight, which can make the operation more difficult.

Weight Limit

When you shop for gardening supplies, you’ll see that manufacturers list weight limits on wheelbarrows.

The weight limit is dependent upon the wheelbarrow construction and materials. Sturdy, heavy models are usually able to carry more, but some lightweight plastic wheelbarrows can also haul hefty loads.

Cargo Volume

Cargo volume refers to the amount of space available in the load tray – and it’s just as important a consideration as weight limit when it comes to choosing a wheelbarrow.

After all, it doesn’t matter if a wheelbarrow can carry 1,000 pounds if the tray doesn’t have room to hold 1,000 pounds of material. Volume can range anywhere from two cubic feet up to six cubic feet or more.


Wheelbarrow handles affect how easy – or how difficult – it is to maneuver through the garden.

Many models have long wooden handles, but you can also find wheelbarrows with single handles that can be easily pulled. These are usually equipped with dump features for quick unloading. In either case, handles with plasticized or rubberized grips are helpful when moving heavy loads.


Wheelbarrows can have one, two or four tires. Most gardeners go for two-wheeled models for stability, but the type of wheel is also a crucial consideration.

High-quality wheelbarrows typically come with pneumatic tires, which are filled with air like car tires. These are the best option, as they roll smoothly over rough terrain. Plastic wheels can be less expensive, but they also break down more quickly.

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How to Choose Between a Wheelbarrow or Garden Carts
Wheelbarrows are must-have gardening supplies
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